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    Rebecca Whiting for U.S. Senate

    No one is listening
    to the working class.

    The federal government at the hands of a political oligarchy have failed the people at every level. The people are experiencing rapid inflation from overspending and the continual printing of money. The wars are continually being funded with taxpayer dollars when the country is in $34 trillion of debt that even our grandchildren could never hope to pay off. They send out sons and daughters to fight and die in foreign countries without declaring war so the military industrial complex can turn a profit.

    No one is holding this government accountable.  The political oligarchy, the military industrial complex, the central banks, and the corporations answer to nobody for their crimes against the American public.  While they grow richer, it gets harder for the working class to buy groceries and pay for gas to get to work.

    It’s time for less 1984, and more 1776.  The revolution must start in the mind and the heart of the American public.  If you value your inalienable rights as documented in the Constitution, it’s time to take charge and demand different. The greatest threat to our future isn’t JUST the federal government, but the complacency of the people. The time is now to take back what they have stolen from us, the people. We owe it to our future to not pass this problem down to them when we could have done something about it in our time.

    Mission & Vision Statement


    The two party system is a sham meant only to keep people divided and give the public the illusion of choice while simultaneously collaborating together to keep themselves in power.


    Corporations petition the political oligarchy to make regulations to keep small businesses from ever succeeding.


    The central banks act without oversight continually exercise the same failed policies that always end in devaluing our money.

    Rebecca Whiting for U.S. Senate

    This is what I stand for

    No more wars.  Unless the United States is attacked, we have no business using our military in foreign countries.

    No more entangling alliances.  Our friends need to learn to run their own countries without the use of US dollars.

    Bring the troops home.  The military isn’t a tool to be used by the military industrial complex.  We owe it to the service members not to put their lives in danger recklessly and to not use their willingness to sacrifice for their country abusively.

    Adopt a policy of non-intervention.  The world’s conflicts are not ours to police.

    The VA system is a failed system.  Privatize the VA, allow the free market to give veterans the best access to care when they need it and when they need it quickly.

    End the fed.  Dismantle the central banks. Tie the hands of the federal government.

    Deregulate. Deregulate. Deregulate.  This will allow real free market solutions to appear by allowing small businesses to thrive.

    Taxation is theft. Should we tax it?  No.

    Take the restraints off the working class.  It’s time to break the chains the federal government has put on us that keeps us from prosperity and embrace the future through liberty.

    Put an end to modern fascism. Corporatism is using the politicians to enact their regulations to keep small businesses from prospering.

    Jackson Franco for US

    Ideological Leader For
    Youth Generation

    Young people are often excluded or overlooked as political candidates. Politics is typically regarded as a space for politically experienced men, and while women are often disadvantaged in accumulating experience to run for office, young people are systematically marginalized

    Jackson Franco for US

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    Politics is typically regarded as a space for politically experienced men, and while women are often disadvantaged in accumulating experience to run for office, young people are systematically marginalized because of their young age

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    Rebecca Whiting for U.S. Senate

    News & Update

    These trends have inspired many international organizations to study the lack of youth political participation and train youth activists to become political leaders

    My name is Rebecca Whiting.  I am a Christian, a wife, and a mom to a large family.  We live in Bemidji, Minnesota on a farm we have built from the ground up.  I am a homeschooling mom, and a small business owner.  I have been involved with farmers markets and the community for most of my adult life.

    I am also an Army combat veteran who saw two tours to Iraq as a medic in 2004- 05, then again in 2006-07.  I was in Ramadi during the battle for Fallujah, and then in Baghdad during the Surge with 2ID, 2BCT.  My experience in Iraq was one of heartache, grief, futility, and trauma.  As a medic I saw the worst and came home to a system more broken than I was.

    I’ve watched as my fellow soldiers were killed in a war we never should have fought. I’ve watched as my fellow soldiers committed suicide at a rate greater than the casualties we inflicted during the Iraq war. I’ve watched as my fellow soldiers (including my husband) have started to get new cancers and diseases from burn pit exposure. And I’ve watched as we tried to navigate the failed VA system that ended up hurting vets instead of helping them. I couldn’t watch anymore.  Now is not the time to be complacent, and this is not the legacy I want to leave my children.

    I love my family, and I love my country.  I sacrificed for this country, and its people, because of my love. It’s that same love that drives me now.  The political oligarchy has failed us, and I can’t sit back and watch anymore.

    I am running for US Senate.  It’s time to send those that would enslave us to the failed system that they created to maintain their political monopoly a message.

    The people are free. And we are going to take our future back.